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July 22, 2019
The silent guardian of Bali’s Sea Wall

Mangroves grow in saline coastal habitats and play an important ecological role. They have a specialized root system and reproductive cycle that mean that they can thrive in salt water. There are more than 30 species growing here in Bali and they are a source of traditional food, craft and fuel materials and also play a vital role in the coastal ecosystem. 

Like coral reefs, mangrove forests are extremely productive ecosystems that provide numerous good and services both to the marine environment and people.

Crab Farming & Foodies Destination

As Bali Ecotourism destination, Mangrove Forest provide a nice place to hang out for mangrove lovers and get a sense of the peaceful local life.
Located near the entrance of Mandara Toll Road, make sure you look around because once you drive past the place, you have to turn around pretty far.

The restaurant is semi-outdoor with the Mandara Toll Road as the view to the right and mangrove forest to the left. The structure is entirely made of bamboo and woods, giving off the traditional and rustic vibes. The price isn’t really expensive and it’s really worth the taste. Recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy some tasty crabs.

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